Tuesday, November 15, 2011

e-bog: Beyond Thirds

Andrew S Gibson has now published 6 e-books on Craft & Vision , including this new one, Beyond Thirds - A Photographer's Introduction to Creative Composition. You can find Gibson's previous releases here.

With Beyond Thirds, Gibson gets on to composition. Normally we hear about, and try o learn, the rules of third. By this I mean, trying not to place the main motive right in the center of the frame, but more like 1/3 up or 1/3 down. But knowing this rule, it is quite in order to break it aswell.

In the book, Gibson moves away from the rules of third, and he gives us examples, how other rules can be used when composing a picture.

Among others, he comes with an example, he calls, The Golden Section, or Fibonacci Number . It's pretty interesting I would say. But many rules can bu used, when you are about to compose your picture, the most important thing is, that you find the right balance...

Throught the 38 pages (or double pages) the book lasts, Gibson gives several examples on how to compose your pictures, using one or more of the techniques and "rules" other than the ones I mentioned earlier.

Are you interested in composition, or seeking new ways to creating new angles in your pictures, this book is certainly worth a look. The book is filled with beautiful pictures, portraits and landscapes, where the techniques mentioned in book are used.

If you would like to buy this book, you can do it via this link . Normally the book costs 5$, but untill november 19'th, you can save 20% using promocode BT4 at checkout. If you buy five or more in one order at Craft & Vision, you get 20% off on the whole order, using promocode BT20.

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